Sony Gets New President

Sony Computer Entertainment of America head Kaz Hirai will be replacing Ken Kutaragi as president of Sony Computer Entertainment. Kutaragi has been promoted to become chairmen of SCE and Jack Tretton, executive vice president of SCEA, will be taking Hirai’s place.

Kutaragi will continue to oversee the entire SCE Group as chief executive officer, and will fully exercise his power to reinforce and further accelerate the development of the PlayStation business

– Sony

Though Sony didn’t state why it decided to promote Kutaragi, it’s more than likely it was due to problems with the PlayStation 3 launch. Under Kutaragi, North America received a very limited number of PS3 consoles, and once the console released, it has had nothing but bad press. Sony needs to make some changes, and hopefully we’ll start seeing them soon.

Sony Gets New President [game]