The Sign of the Times: MP3 Doorbells

as a node on your network, but to be practical, you should ping something that dings, namely your doorbell.

Instead of an analog chime that alerts your fat ass when the pizza man is at the door (sorry, pizza person), the NetStreams DoorLinX Digital Doorbell plays the MP3 of your choice across your network. It’s a system, you see, so you can have different doorbells at different doors, so you know if it’s pizza-dude out front or that dirty hooker of a girlfriend who you told to only come to the backdoor.

No word on pricing, but it should be available about now. The first one of our readers to install this covertly in their friend’s house and sets it to chime an annoying song from the Offspring, wins a Zune Tee-shirt (that’s how they say it in Texas), how’s that sound?

NetStreams Digital Doorbell [Home Toys]