iHome Releases Slew Of Wireless Audio Products

Looks like iHome went all nuts on us today. They’ve announced both the iHome iHC5 Bluetooth Clock Radio and the iHome iH21 Water-Resistant Streaming iPod Dock and Speakers. Aside from the latter having an insanely long name, these products are just some decent looking ways to get your groove on wirelessly and safely.

The iHome iHC5 (pictured) allows you to stream audio via Bluetooth to its speakers from your computer or cellphone. Not too bad, plus, you can use the iHC5 as a speakerphone (albeit a huge one) on the side. If rocking out in the pool is your thing, then the iHome iH21 may be just the thing for you. Equipped with the ability to stream music from your home computer or iPod, this baby gives you sound in style and also has water resistant speakers, a remote control, and the satisfaction of knowing you drunkenly spilling booze on it is OK.

iHome [Official Site via Gizmodo]
iHome iH21 Water-Resistant Streaming iPod Dock and Speakers