What Will YouTube Be Like On Your Mobile Phone?

YouTube and Verizon have partnered up to bring video clips to the mobile phone. The feature will launch in December as part of the Vcast $15 per month service.

Verizon customers will be able to view “select” video content, as well as post videos from their mobile phones. Given that most mobile-generated content, videos or photos, lives and dies on the mobile phone, this may be a valid way to enliven it.

YouTube’s deal with Verizon is only exclusive for a limited time, meaning customers of other carriers needn’t wait long to receive a comparable service.

The big question here is: What does “select” video mean? The beauty of YouTube is, (or at least has been), that it is so organic. Will corporate video selection mean that users will only have access to approved content? How boring! It may be a lose-win situation in that YouTube videos streamed to the phone will be lame, while videos streamed from the phone to YouTube could be much cooler.