Kingston, eMusic Want You To Listen To Music On Your Cell Phone

Those of you aching to stick a memory card in your mobile handset for the purposes of listening to a gig or two of music sans MP3 player will want to check out this offer. Kingston Technology has partnered up with music-download service eMusic now through January 2007, to give visitors to Kingston’s Mobile Phone Village Web site 50 free songs with a free 14-day eMusic trial subscription. You should also feel free to pick up a Kingston flash-memory card to pop in your phone while you’re at it.

The only catch to the promotion is that you’ll have to pony up a credit card to get the free tracks, but having done it myself, you can cancel immediately after you collect your downloads. Plus, the songs are MP3s that are free of DRM and can be used however you see fit, even if you cancel. It’s pretty win-win.

Kingston Mobile Phone Village