Micro Center Tries Its Luck With An Xbox 360 Special

If you’re one of the cranky millions (me included) that got hosed by Amazon and its $100 Xbox 360 Core system special on Thanksgiving, then you’ll want to go to your local Micro Center store. The computer-and-electronics superstore is offering a $100 rebate on in-store purchases of any Microsoft Xbox 360 system throughout the holidays.

Best of all, the rebate is good for either the Premium or Core systems and isn’t limited to 1,000 units. After the $100 mail-in rebate, the Xbox 360 Premium is $299.99 and Xbox 360 Core system is $199.99.

The biggest drag is that “in-store” part which means you’ll have to find your way to one of the 18 locations.

Micro Center Xbox 360 $100 Rebate [store rebate site]