Hey Fatty, Hit The Treadmill Before You Wii

So it seems that Mr. Deleon over at Gizmodo never realized that gamers were out of shape. I mean, gamers out of shape? Heaven forfend! Since the Wii launched a little over a week ago, gamers have been reporting that they are indeed exhausted and famished from playing the Wii too much. Some chick said it was “harder than playing basketball” and others whined about sore muscles.

Know what Nintendo had to say about it? “If people are finding themselves sore, they may need to exercise more.” That’s right! Props to Nintendo for telling gamers to get their ass off the couch, their mouth off the bong, and their feet out the door to the nearest gym. You’re telling me you can slash apart enemies in Zelda, but can’t do 10 bicep curls? Maybe Nintendo should take a hint from the smash hit company Xavix and incorporate even more exercise into games.

Nintendo Says You Need To Be In Shape To Play The Wii [Gizmodo]