Sprint Gets Slim While We Get Fat

After turkey, booze, and uncle Doug’s Prez Bush impressions, our favorite part of thnksgvng is by far the mammoth stack of Black Friday ads that accompany the daily paper of your choice. If you were eagle-eyed enough, you may have noticed some retailers offering a new phone from Sprint that might make you forget gluttony for a few moments.

Sprint is billing it as the thinnest flip phone in the country, which we can’t confirm, but it’s a contender. It’s a Samsung M610, offering EV-DO, dual screens (the external is OLED, it seems), microSD, stereo-Bluetooth, and a 2-megapixel camera.

The M610 is Samsung’s attempt to stranglehold the thin clamshell market for the holiday season. Our local ad didn’t have the model number, but we did detective work while they set our place at the kids’ table. We do know that the phone was due to launch any day, so it’s good they finally got it underway. If you’re still somehow a Sprint user, go nuts for this full-featured slender fellow, and have another piece of aunt Marcie’s punkin pie.

Sprint M610
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