Crooks Nab $1.5m In Xbox 360s In The UK

Nothing like a good ol’ heist in the UK just in time for the holidays. It appears that a couple of men have robbed a trailer with about $1.5 million in Xbox 360s somewhere in Staffordshire, UK. That just adds insult to injury after another trailer was robbed of about $500,000 in units earlier in the week. Not only did the robbers jack the truck, they beat the ass of the dude driving the truck. Authorities are warning consumers in the UK not to buy any 360s out of the back of a vehicle or on the black market.

Hmm…a couple thousand Xbox 360s eh? Maybe Amazon should get a fucking clue and buy the whole load from the guys who robbed the trailer.

Thieves pinch £750,000 Xbox 360 shipment [Bit-Tech via Digg]