LG Prepping Low-End 3G Phone for Cingular

Cingular, to its credit, is really pushing its 3G service hard, making it accessible to even modest handsets, like the LG CU400.

Feature-wise, it’s pedestrian at best, with Bluetooh, a VGA camera, and dual displays, all things our mom’s phone has. But it does have connectivity to Cingular’s UMTS/HSDPA network, and should support DUN, meaning if your laptop sports Bluetooth, you can use it as a mobile high-speed modem. That’s dope.

It’s not out yet, but if you’re looking for an affordable way to hit the 3G circus, it might be worth the wait. Just don’t look for it currently on the Cingular site, as we wouldn’t want to be responsible for you having to sit through its unending Flash presentation on the merrits of 3G.

LG CU400 Features and Specifications [Phone Arena]