Dash Detox Contest Vote-Off 2.0

This is our second try for this whole thing. Looks like our polling system is screwed up, so here we go: a new poll. I’ll be adding the previous votes in a moment. We’re closing the polling at noon EST tomorrow.

The Dash Detox Contest is officially over and here are our six entries made by five entrants. Here’s how we’ll do this. You will vote on each entrant, not their specific entries. Judge on humor, creativity, and usefulness. Who, in this case, is your favorite director. Gaming the system is prohibited, but if you want to get your friends to vote en masse, go ahead. This is supposed to be fun, robot-voting-system writers!

The two top winners will receive one of two T-Mobile Dashes I have lying about.

Special thanks to T-Mobile with their Dash-a-Day giveaway, which you should also enter.