Optimus Taking Pre-Orders For Full-Sized Keyboard

Surely you recall the Optimus Keyboard, a 103-key gadget of awesomeness where each key is a tiny LCD that’s individually reprogrammable. Well some news is finally coming out again: the keyboard will be available for pre-order starting December 12th. Price and quantity available have not been announced but there are some rumors that it might cost something in the $200 range. While digging through the Optimus LiveJournal, we uncovered this picture of the Mac OS X interface used to reprogram the keys. Looks incredibly robust and easy to use. In fact, everything about this keyboard looks to be awesome and incredibly useful – now let’s just hope it doesn’t turn into vaporware like some other keyboard-related items.

Optimus-103 keyboard pre-orders start December 12 [Engadget]