Xbox 360 HD-DVD Add-On Works With Macs…Sorta

Don’t go wetting yourself and punching your Windows-loving friends in the face just yet. The guys over at UneasySilence got their hands on one of the upcoming HD-DVD player add-ons for the Xbox 360 and tore it apart to check out the kit inside. After some kanoodling, they were able to hook it up to a Windows box and get some HD-DVDs playing. When they plugged it into their Mac’s USB port however, the player was also instantly recognized by OS X and was able to playback a DVD like normal. However, using an HD-DVD yielded no results because there’s no software available yet for playback on the Mac. But yes, basically this means you can now have a working HD-DVD player for the $199 Microsoft is charging. Mac users are just going to have to wait a bit longer is all.

Hacking the XBox 360’s HD-DVD for the PC [UneasySilence via Hard Mac]