Jason Calacanis Says Adios to AOL

Photo by JD LasicaUpdate:The New York Times is now reporting on this and quotes Calacanis. “I’m not inclined to start over with a new guy,” he said about his resignation. Calacanis has also made a short post on his own blog.

We just heard from a source that Jason Calacanis has resigned from AOL. Jason joined AOL just over a year ago when his startup, Weblogs, Inc., was acquired. Most recently, he took over management of Netscape, which relaunched earlier this year as a Digg-like news portal.

I just spoke to Jason briefly on IM – his response as of now is “no comment”. He also spoke to me off the record but that’s, well, off the record.

Calacanis wrote a long post on his personal blog today mourning the departure of AOL CEO Jon Miller. He called Miller “one of the few mentors I’ve had in my life.”