Gresso Dives Into High-End Mobile Market, Uses Hotmail

Out of nowhere comes this company Gresso who is already aiming to dive into the luxury mobile phone market that is mostly dominated by companies like Vertu. So how can this thing possibly take on a $10,000+ brand like Vertu? Well first off, the damn thing is made of gold and 200-year old African blackwood. That’s going to already jack up the price. Secondly, each phone is unique because last time we checked, no tree is the same. Lastly, the screen is made up of sapphire anti-glare crystal and the phone is only 10mm thick. Absolutely no info on features, details, or who runs the company is available. Did we mention the only way to get in touch with them is via a Hotmail address? Yeah, quite the shady operation, especially when it’s going to only be available in Russia to start.

Gresso hopes to claim piece of luxury phone market [Engadget Mobile]