Official PlayStation Magazine Canceled

It’s time to say goodbye to Official PlayStation Magazine, though you can’t exactly say you didn’t see this coming. OPM focused on issues most gaming sites tackle (for free), and gave users a little extra with a demo disc. With the launch of the PlayStation Network (which offers game demos and videos) coming soon, there’s little to no use for the demo disc that OPM, offered its subscribers. I’m not sure why the magazine couldn’t go the route of Official Xbox Magazine, which offers its subscribers exclusive demos before they hit Xbox Live. Other magazines like PC Gamer and Electronic Gaming Monthly also offer gamers demos before they are released anywhere else. On top of that, the two publications also include reviews, previews and interviews long before online publications get their hands on the games. It’s too bad we have to see OPM go, but there are plenty of other places to get the same info we were getting from OPM.

Official PlayStation Magazine Canceled [joystiq]