Minibar London: Another 2.0 event

Minibar, another new event (see also London 2.0) aimed at the BarCamp/developer crowd, has turned up giving people “a chance to snaffle some free beer while discussing p2p, Creative Commons, web applications, social networking and general Web 2.0 mayhem.”

If this sounds off-putting, then consider this: So far they have 60+ people registered from the following companies: ebay, Google, Tate Media, Bloomberg, Channel 4,, journos from the Guardian, BBC, Bloomberg and even OFCOM.

You may even get a Google T-Shirt. For more info email at info [at]

Being held at the eponymous startup location, East London’s Truman Brewery (off Brick Lane, next to Spitalfields Market and Liverpool Street Station) the event will feature bar, DJ and a talk by John Buckman of and on music sharing, p2p philosophy and Creative Commons. The event aims to happen at the same place every month. The meeting is organised by the people behind CreativeCommons England & Wales,, and Apparently the “Uber-Geeks” from DorkBot London are also coming.

Alas, it clashes with the UK Firefox 2 Launch Party also in London on the same night, but since the two events are around the corner from each other I envisage some mutually beneficial mingling. Luckily the Firefox party originally planned for the same date has now been moved to Dec 1.