Dell To Make Announcement In Second Life

This new trend of announcing news in Second Life is generally pissing off journalists, who don’t have a lot of time to waste. But Dell is apparently going ahead with plans to host an invite-only press event inside of Second Life on Tuesday morning at 10:15 AM PST to announce that they’ll have an ongoing presence within the virtual world.

The virtual event is under heavy embargo with a select few journalists (we weren’t invited), but one journalist, annoyed that he is being forced to create a Second Life account and log in to see what the announcement is, decided to just pass it on to us to break the news.

There aren’t many details as to exactly what’s being announced, but our guess is that they are launching a virtual, configurable computer store that’s gamer-focused, or something similar.

This isn’t to take away from what Second Life is accomplishing – but Dell should be focused on gaining user trust by building reliable computers (and batteries), not wasting people’s time with this kind of non-news.

Update: They’ve got a new Second Life island where you can buy a virtual or a real PC. Virtual PCs get paid for with Lindens and real PCs get paid for with US dollars and you can order them to your house. The first person to order a computer in Second Life will get it free.