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Thank you to all of our readers and sponsors!

We have a quick favor to ask everyone – if you have a second, please fill out this survey by one of our advertisers, Symantec.

This month’s sponsors include:

TheFind – They are a new shopping search engine. They search and rank over 150 million products based on relevance and price. Their grid search layout allows you to peruse your results and get product details with a simple mouse-over.

DoubleClick – They are a worldwide advertising company with over 1,500 clients. They have a variety of advertising solutions from rich media ads (Flash and video) to a variety of SEO and consulting services. Check out any of the various programming jobs they have on Crunchboard too.

Text Link Ads – TLA is a great advertising service. They suppord text link advertisements, rss ads, and even give starting advertisers a $100 credit. If you’re curious, try their ad calculator to see how much your site’s real estate may be worth. Also see our coverage of their acquisition by MediaWhiz.

Edgeio – Edgeio tracks millions of classified listings on the web. They recently closed $5 million in series A financing. Just today, they added another 400,000 listings in over 15,000 cities and 142 countries. You can add your listings to the site by inputing your listing URL, or creating a whole new listing.

Wild Apricot – Wild Apricot automates a lot of the administrative tasks for member-based not-for-profits. With Wild Apricot, you can manage your website, email, databases, donations, and event registrations, all from your home or office. Check out their pricing or free trials here.

Yoono – Yoono released a new version of their site suggestion toolbar on Halloween. The toolbar lets you share bookmarks with your friends or the whole community as well as syncronizing your favorites between computers. I use it and enjoy the smooth integration with Firefox (and soon IE). You can download the toolbar here.

Fonpods – Pick up a smart phone, and head over to Fonopods for a wide selection of podcasts on your phone. You can catch the latest interview with the Reddit founders here.

oDesk – If you need a web developer, oDesk is just the service. oDesk provides an online marketplace for finding talented programming contractors. Hourly rates range from $14 to $62. They were recently selected as a Launchpad company at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco.

We’d also like to thank those companies who posted jobs on CrunchBoard. Please keep sending us your success stories!

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