If you want to partner with Microsoft … look here.

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I met up with some of the Microsoft UK based “Emerging Business Team” (EBT) this week. One of the topics of discussion was around how Microsoft could work closer with the UK web entrepreneur community? I mentioned that the recent visit of Steve Ballmer and the Microsoft  Digital Day had by-passed most of us currently starting new web companies and had wondered who this day was really aimed at?

Having said that Microsoft are keen to reach out to the UK entrepreneur community and one good place to find information about their new programs is on their Microsoft Startup Zone site.

So if you are looking for discounted software to develop applications using Microsoft technologies, then sign up for their Empower for ISVs program. Unfortunately to be clear, EBT are not able to respond to requests for:

  • Equity investment in your company
  • Offering to allow Microsoft to acquire/distribute your product or patent
  • Joint development efforts