Why wiDock? Why Not?

long enough to write a quick post about it. The wiDock is one such dock. Why? Because instead of just starting with a lowercase “i” like every other iPod accessory, the wiDock adds a lowercase “w.” Isn’t that special?

But there’s more. If you want a charging cradle for your iPod, but not a pesky USB cable, this is for you. Plug your iPod into the dock, as you would any other dock, and it syncs your iTunes and iPod. The neat trick is, it does it all without wires. Isn’t that fantastic? We think it is.

You’ll need the included transceiver connected to your computer, but the rest should be butter. Besides song syncing, you have regular access to your iPod via iTunes, so you also get wireless streaming. Dope. You see, dear reader, wires are for wussies. Or trapeze artists, but they’re a shiftly lot.

Wirelessly dock your iPod with wiDock [Krunker, via Gizmodo]