Cell Phone Detox Contest: Day 02

As many of you read yesterday, Biggs has taken an assignment requiring him to live without a cell phone for a month. In his own words, “Day one was nearly impossible.”

I don’t think the DTs have kicked in completely, because the cell phone isn’t yet completely out of his system. I’ve noticed him a bit on edge, mumbling to himself more than usual and beating on Raj more than is probably necessary.

Readers can join in on the fun from home. Simply hop on your web cam and record a one minute video telling him to stay the course (or if you’re of the more devious persuasion, feel free to taunt him with a cell phone and attempt to make him abandon his futile task mwahaha).

Record your video. Upload it to YouTube with the tag “crunchgeardash” and email a link for the video to contest@crunchgear.com. The five entries with the most views by Monday, Nov. 20 will appear on the site and the readers will vote on the winner on Nov. 21.