Xbox Live Marketplace: Now With Video

November 22 brings us downloadable content – TV and movies – from CBS, Warner Brothers, and a few others. You download the preview then pay for the movie. Rentals you can hold onto, unwatched, for two weeks, and then have 24 hours to finish it before it goes poof. You can also “purchase” content that will sit on your drive. Pricing is fairly nebulous at this point, but it looks like movies will cost something between 320 and 1920 credits. Cool? Sure. A winner-take-all, home-movie-watching proposition? Not so much. But it’s definitely a start.

Release [via Gizmodo]

EDIT: Ah, feature creep. I’m starting to get wistful for the days when my gaming system only played games. The same way many people hate convergence of their DAPs, cameras and cell phones, I hate this desire to crap up gaming consoles with miscellaneous features that have nothing to do with gaming. But who am I to stand in the way of progress? –JG