Text Link Ads Gets Bought by MediaWhiz

New Yorks’ Media Whiz advertising firm has acquired Cincinnati’s Text Link Ads. The deal was announced this morning, but the financial details aren’t being disclosed.

Text Link Ads typically sells small text ads for a fixed monthly rate, not pay per click. They advertise on blogs extensively (disclosure: including this one). The company recently released a product called “Feedvertising” that allows publishers to easily place ads from Text Link Ads, ads the publisher sells themselves directly or other messages into their RSS feeds. We use this service to promote other sites in the Crunch network. I hope that this product continues to flourish post acquisition.

Media Whiz was founded by Jason Cohen in 2001. The company offers lead generation, affiliate, display and email advertising services. It looks fairly old school to me and acquiring Text Link Ads is probably going to be a big step in moving into the emerging social media space. Jason Cohen’s previous company, Wise Ads New Media was acquired by About.com in 2000. Cohen began his career at DoubleClick. People talk about the power of PayPal alumni – I’d like to write a post about all the interesting things DoubleClick alumni are doing around the web, they’re everywhere.

There has been some amount of controversy around Text Link Ads because they don’t use javascript or “no follow” links to serve up ads on blogs and thus carry more weight with search engines than some people believe paid links ought to have. The Text Link Ads site is very clear that customers are buying inbound links and search engine weight, not just traffic. Some people contend that this is not a problem and that the more granular control over individual ads that Text Link Ads can offer its publishers by not using javascript is positive. Still others contend that “the link is dead” (perhaps because of things like links for sale) and all of this will be irrelevant soon.

Patrick Gavin, President of Text Link Ads, tells us that this is just one of several acquisitions in the pipeline at Media Whiz. It looks like a smart one; look to start seeing the Media Whiz name more and more around the blogosphere.