Kanguru Bio Slider II USB Drive Reads Your Fingerprints So You Don't Have To

The Kanguru Bio Slider II USB drive has a finger/thumbprint reader on its shell to keep your data safe. Nothing really too new about it, though; it just sounds like the company made it a bit easier to set up and used a more up-to-date 500-DPI sensor for an “extremely low false acceptance rate.” I’d rather have no false positives, but I guess I’m being too picky. It’ll store up to 10 fingerprints for accessing the drive’s contents, but the data can also be secured with 128-bit data encryption. It’s available in sizes up to 4GB, but with prices starting at $100 for a 256MB drive and going up $300 for the 4GB, you have to really want the extra protection and ease of use.

I found the Lexar JumpDrive Mercury to be a pretty complete mobile-storage solution with software-based security, the one thing it was missing was a biometric reader.

Kanguru Bio Slider II [product page]

EDIT: Blake apparently already wrote about this drive on October 31, but it won’t kill you to read about it again today. It just makes me look stupid, however I’m OK with that.