Which Smartphone is For You?

The CrunchGear team published a very detailed comparison of the major Smartphone choices to help first time buyers make the right choice. This is the first of many product comparison research posts that the team is working on.

They compare the top seven current smartphones. The phone I use, the Motorola Q, is included. Frankly, it was a poor choice and at this point I wish I had just bought a Blackberry or a Treo. The keys on the Q are too small, and the user interface could not be more poorly designed. I keep dropping the damn thing hoping it will break (giving me the excuse I need to buy a new phone), but it’s a sturdy little phone. We’ll see how it does with the “oops, I dropped it in the toilet” test.

CrunchGear also posted on “Ten Things I Hate About Smartphones,” another good resource for buyers.