DropSend For Sale: Flock Is Looking

DropSend, a file sharing application that is similar to the king of the space, YouSendIt, announced itself for sale today. The creator, Carson Systems, says that the site is profitable and growing, but that they don’t have enough time to focus on the service.

In a follow up post a few hours later Ryan Carson wrote that a number of people were already interested in buying the product, including Flock. I wonder how Flock feels about this disclosure.

DropSend falls into the general category of online storage and P2P File sharing, areas we’ve been tracking carefully as Google and Microsoft prepare to enter the space.

We will continue to track small startup sales (many on eBay, others direct). As the cost of creating web apps continues to decrease, small direct-sale liquidity events are turning into reasonably profitable exits for entrepreneurs who have invested little capital and time in a new business idea.

We got word of the sale through iShopr, who asks why no one was writing about this on a Saturday evening. The answer is because, well, it’s Saturday evening.