Gmail For Mobile Launches Today

See MobileCrunch for the details – Gmail for Mobile, a downloadable gmail application for java-enabled phones, launches this morning at 5 AM PST. Previously, users were only able to access gmail via a mobile browser. But for java-enabled phones, using the Gmail for Mobile application will significantly speed email use.

The application requres a java-enabled phone and a data plan (other mobile devices can still access Gmail through the browser). To download the application, go to and follow the instructions. You can also get a link to the download URL directly via a text message by going to and entering your phone number.

I’ve had the chance to test out Gmail for Mobile over the last week on a Sprint Samsung A900M phone. The software was pre-installed by Google, so i can’t speak to the process of installing the application. But logging in and using email was the best email experience outside of a Blackberry I’ve ever had on a mobile device. Specifically, the use of ten hotkeys to compose, send, search, etc. speads things up significantly. A demo of the application is available here.

I still want to use Gmail to access other email accounts – something that they don’t yet support, but Gmail for Mobile is a great way to access your gmail account via a mobile device. Good stuff from Google.