Helio to Launch Two New Phones, We Add Two Cents

Phonescoop and Engadget Mobile have some exciting news about Helio’s new handset, the Drift, along with an unnamed Pantech phone. Although I can neither confirm or deny this, the Drift, codenamed the Astropop by Samsung, is considerably smaller than the Kickflip and slides up. It’s actually about the size of Samsung’s Yepp line of MP3 players, making it a welcome addition to the beefy Helio line. EnMobile has the info that it will have a 2-megapixel camera and Bluetooth, but I can safely say that yes, it does exist, yes, it will be coming out next month, and yes, Samsung was pretty silly for leaving out all the new phone models for us to “happen upon” when we were in their design center in Seoul.

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