Free BlackBerry Pearl

, after rebate, for $0.00. You need to get a new service plan, but that’s a small price to pay for FREE. Product Page

Nintendo Refines Options For Parents

Nintendo released an update for the Wii today, that gives users better control of the parental options available on the console. There’s still no news on when the channels are coming (news, weather

Sony Gets New President

Sony Computer Entertainment of America head Kaz Hirai will be replacing Ken Kutaragi as president of Sony Computer Entertainment. Kutaragi has been promoted to become chairmen of SCE and Jack Tretton,

Anti-Jotspot/Google Post Deleted Under Pressure

Update (Dec. 1): “Kevin” is Kevin Hague, the co-founder of Knowesys. CEO Kathleen Romano ends the conspiracy theories in a comment here. Update (Nov 30): JotSpot Founder Joe Kraus reponds Gives Away 20 PS3s, Wiis And Zunes…But Not To You

Or maybe to you, if you go to the site and enter. The computer and electronics e-tailer is giving away 20 Sony PlayStation 3 game consoles, 20 Nintendo Wii game consoles, and 20 Microsoft Zune music p

Best Buy Woos Cell Customers With Mobile Phone-Only Stores

Best Buy announced today a partnership with U.K. retailer Carphone Warehouse (CPW) to develop a mobile phone-exclusive store concept at nine locations throughout Manhattan. (And yes, I know this info

Notes from Mediatech

Due to a dearth of workable Wi-Fi (damn BT Openzone!) TechCrunch UK&I has been unable to do much of a live blog from MediaTech 2.006 but here are some random-ish quotes (treat them as paraphrases/

New Patent Shows iPhone iDeas

It’s not an iPod Mini, it’s a possible rendition of the elusive iPhone. These drawings are from a patent filing from Apple on Aug. 7 for a radio-transparent communications device combined

Samsung Enlists Beethoven to Sell Q1 UMPCs

Well they’re calling him Sam, but I know Beethoven when I see him. And no I’m not saying all St. Bernards look alike. Anyway, here is the commercial for Samsung’s Q1 UMPC. Intriguing

Nokia + Yahoo! on Series 40 Handsets

Nokia and Yahoo! have teamed up to integrate Yahoo! personalized content (mail, messenger, contacts, useless personal ads, etc.) into its Series 40-powered smartphones. Currently, there is user-instal

Insignia 2 GB Sport Quick Look

We just got in the Insignia 2GB Sport video player. An interesting beast. It’s branded with Best Buy’s music store and plays MP3s and WMAs as well as some video formats – not DivX, a

Grockit Helps MBA Hopefuls Study For The GMAT

Entrance exam preparation is costly and not exactly what I’d call fun. A company that launched on Monday called Grockit is dropping costs and making the process a bit easier to get through. Groc

Sennheiser MX75 Sport Headphones for the Sweaty

I’ve used a pair of Sennheiser headphones since my gaming days (long time ago), so I can attest to their awesomeness. And as someone who exercises a lot, I’m always in the market for a goo

HP Crossfire Details Emerge: Packed With Features

HP’s new IQ770 PC (aka Crossfire) is looking incredibly powerful now that some specs have gotten out and details are emerging. Slated for a January launch, this 19-inch touch screen behemoth comes w

Join Me in Welcoming…

…Our latest CrunchGear reporters. Seth is a former Men’s Health writer who will be focusing on the future with a new column launching next week, Mike worked at PC Mag until they stopped ca

iPod Getting Podcasts Menu

Apple has filed a new patent application for a method of browsing podcasts. It’s patent 20060265637, Utilization Of Podcasts on Portable Media Devices. ZDNet has a bunch of pictures of arrows an

AOL Gives Away Free Movies For Christmas

AOL Video has decided to spread some holiday cheer by giving away over 30 free movie downloads for one day only on Saturday. Several of the titles are, appropriately, Christmas movies such as National

Holiday Buyers Guide 2006: Audiophile Gear

The word “audiophile” gets bandied about so much that it seems in danger of losing its true meaning as a descriptor for a grade of products that is of such high quality that most of us can’t hop

Windows Live Search for Mobile Beta

Mobility Today has a video demoing the beta functions of Windows Live Search for Mobile. The video showcases many of the cool features the service will offer. Features like directions and traffic info

Samsung YP-K3 DAP Looks Sexy As Hell

Now this is what we call a sexy MP3 player. Pictured above is the YP-K3, the successor to Samsung’s YP-K5 audio player. This bad boy has a great design and is supposedly Samsung’s thinnest player
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