T-Mobile Gets Limited Edition Sidekicks, Various RAZRs

. Also befitting Johnny Drama & Co., the Miami Ink tattooed Dragon and Cherry Blossom RAZRs, both pre-tattooed so you won’t have to go to the shady phone tattoo parlor down on 8th and Franklin. I heard a Moto SLVR got stabbed there last week!

If you’re more upscale, T-Mobile has the Dolce & Gabbana V3i, which comes in gold. Too bad this isn’t solid gold, or else you’d be totally robbed at gunpoint. Lastly, there’s the upgraded V3t phones, which is like the V3i, except the “t” stands for T-Mobile. Or “totally last year”, because this phone is already pretty outdated.

T-Mobile [via Engadget Mobile]