Motorola Prepping Linux-based RAZR Smartphone?

We got word of these presentation photos of what appears to be Motorola’s new RAZR PDA. That’s right, a smartphone in the RAZR form factor, because the world needs another RAZR like it needs touchscreen voting machines. Details are sketchy at best, as all we have are blurry, gadget rumortastic camphone photos, but they’re good enough that we can clearly see moderately thicker RAZR with a slightly enlarged outer display.

We know that Moto has a Linux-based ROKR ready to go that’s already cleared the FCC labyrinth of regulation, so it’s likely that the RAZR in this shot will sport some Linuxy goodness.

Also on the page, which is from an isreali gadget blog we can’t read, are photos of a “glowing PEBL”, and uglyized version of the popular T-Mobile PEBL. We’re not exactly sure what “glowing” refers to, but this PEBL does have what appears to be dual outer displays, and it looks like one’s color and one’s monochrome, which is confusing as hell. We’re going to comb through the FCC database now and see if we can find anything on these guys, but for now we’re calling it a Halloween mystery.

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