Sony Announces Silver PlayStation 2

Even though the slim silver PlayStation 2 has been out just about everywhere for a while, Sony didn’t release an “official” announcement for the limited edition system until earlier today. Sony stated,

Six years after its initial launch, the PlayStation 2 continues to enjoy nonstop success, outselling all other consoles. The introduction of this limited edition model is sure to be a hit this holiday season with die-hard PlayStation fans and new gamers alike

The new PlayStation 2 is on sale for $130, which isn’t too bad with Final Fantasy XII (coming out tomorrow), God of War 2 and some other good games coming out in the next year. Seeing how the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 will be pricey (compared to the PS2), the new silver PS2 would make for a good Christmas present to someone who doesn’t already have one.

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