Rechargeable Moixa USBCell AA Batteries Reviewed

I use my USB ports to power all kinds of things, but I’ve never considered using them to recharge some batteries. Well thankfully, you people don’t have to rely on me for technology innovations. Moixa Energy, an R&D company working on renewable energy and portable power technologies has developed some Nickel Metal Hydride AA batteries that recharge via a computer’s USB ports. The coolest part is, the USB connector is built in underneath a cap at the positive end of the cell. Trusted Reviews has a full write up on them (nearly 1,200 words) and the verdict is good. Other than having a higher-than-average price, roughly $25 for a pair, the batteries are convenient and can really hold a charge, pumping out 563 consecutive shots on a Fujifilm FinePix S602Z with the LCD and flash going. It mentions that AAA and 9-volt versions are on the way, too.

Moixa USBCell AA Batteries [Trusted Reviews]