Quit Shoving: Sonnet Retools iFreq Dock For 2G Nano

As you may or may not know, when Apple updated the iPod Nano to the 2G version, it shifted the dock connector ever so slightly, making a large number of first-gen Nano accessories incompatible with the new models. Sure you could push and shove and pull to get some things to kinda fit, but not everything. Well, Sonnet Technologies accounced today that the cradle, included with its iFreq in-vehicle FM transmitter/charger, has been redesigned to fit both 1G and 2G iPod Nanos. Hooray.

Not familiar with the iFreq? One part is the aforementioned mounting cradle that snaps off and on an adhesive-backed magnetic disk you attach to your dash. This lets you pop the iPod off, change settings, tracks, artists and what have you, and then pop it back into its place. A cable runs from the dock and connects to the iFreq’s body (the other part), which goes into your cigarette lighter. The body has an LCD and controls allowing you to easily lock into an FM radio station for casting your iPod’s content over your car’s stereo.

So if you’re in the market for an FM transmitter for your new Nano, the iFreq’s new cradle will fit for sure. But even without the cradle it’ll work with any iPod that has a dock connector, so that’s fun. It sells for about $80.

Sonnet Technologies iFreq [product page]