Update on TechCrunch NY Event: Wait List Opened

The 450 slots we opened up for the TechCrunch New York party on November 16, 2006 were sold out in about four hours. We know a certain number of people won’t show up, so we are now opening up a wait list for additional guests.

Here’s the cool thing – you can still get into the venue, BED, just by being on the wait list. Wait list guests will have access to the rooftop, which is just up the stairs from the 6th floor Meetup venue. During party hours it will also be open to the public, but it has ample room to accommodate a large number of people. And, the space is enclosed for colder months, so you will be inside. The rooftop boasts all of the same features as the rest of the BED club. If you are onsite, we will start allowing wait-listed people into the party based on the number of attendee ‘no shows’. I can also guarantee that I’ll be hanging out in the rooftop area for part of the party. So even if you can’t get on the waitlist (BED is limiting this to 150 guests), there will be plenty going on in the public rooftop area all evening.

I’m going to apologize in advance again because these 150 wait list spots are going to go fast as well. If you are unable to get on the waitlist, see the Conduit ticket contest below in the sponsor area – they are giving away five tickets to the event. The only additional thing we might do to let more people in is auction off a few tickets for charity near the party date, as we did with TechCrunch 7 in Silicon Valley.

Additional information on this, including a link to register for the wait list, is on the main registration page. We’ve also added additional general information about the event, and links to the main and wait list guest lists.

Sponsor Information

Our fantastic list of sponsors include:

Compete.com, , HitTail, Creative Concepts, PartyStrands, RightMedia, Eurekster, Genius, BlogTalkRadio, Helium, Conduit, Gotuit, CivilNetizen, Citizenbay, Multiply, AOL, Cozmo Media, AOL, Freewebs, Snap, Me.dium, Polaris Ventures, Photobucket, Audiovox, AdaptiveBlue, New Europe Ventures

I also recommend that you download the free CRUNCHbar toolbar from Conduit.com at http://techcrunch.conduit.com. Conduit is also giving away five tickets to this event, and winners will be announced on November 9. Here’s what you have to do:

Download and install the CRUNCHbar. A FREE button will appear on it daily for 30 minutes Click on the FREE button when it appears, and fill out the form with contact information. State in one sentence why you MUST attend Meetup 8, and make it creative! Five winners will be randomly selected by Conduit.com from these submissions. Winners will be notified via email, and the names and reasons why they should attend will be posted on the Meetup Web page on November 9th.

Also, as we mentioned in the original post announcing the party, music at the party will provided by PartyStrands and will be based on what guests want to hear. See their blog post for more information on how it will work. And feel free to comment below on what the first song of the evening should be. It can be anything except this.

We still have limited sponsor slots available; email Jeanne Logozzo (jlogo@earthlink.net) for more information.