Simply Hired, Now for Senior Gay Mothers Who Love Dogs & the Environment

Simply Hired, which is partially funded by Fox Interactive, is a great job search engine that continues to do well against arch-rival, which is backed by the New York Times. On Monday Simply Hired will announced another specialty search engine, this time for 50+ year olds. This adds already existing search engines for dog, mother, environmental and sexual orientation friendly companies.

The new senior-friendly job engine is live and can be accessed here. Simply Hired says that there are 77 millon baby boomer Americans who will begin to turn 60 this year, and that a crisis is on the horizon as these people drop out of the job market. Simply Hired wants to make it as easy as possible for these more mature citizens to find a job, should they choose to continue to work.

I like all of these specialty search engines, but I note that you can only search one engine at a time. So if you are a Senior Gay Mother who’s into the environment and has a dog, you’ll have to run multiple searches across five different search engines. Simply Hired says cross-searching on these engines is coming soon. In the meantime, Simply Hired has 5 million or so current job listings just waiting to be filled.

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