Be Free Of Over-Heated Laptop Concerns With Lapworks' Miracle Laptop Desk

Friends, let me ask you a few questions: Is your mobile-computing experience being ruined by a severe case of “hot legs?” Do you use your laptop computer in fear of a volatile battery pack? The very battery pack that your manufacturer supplied you with! Well friends, worry no more and rejoice for the Lapworks Laptop Desk Will set you free!

Made from revolutionary space-age heat-conducting polycarbonate plastic, the Laptop Desk has been scientifically proven to reduce notebook heat by 8 to 10 percent when used on your lap. If you should be so fortunate to have use of a table or a desk, why simply place the Laptop Desk atop the surface and its specially designed ventilation channels (peaks and valleys to you and me simple folk) will go into action, delivering heat reductions of 15 to 20 percent.

Finally, we will be saved from disfiguring burns and catastrophic fires! What’s that you say? Surely such a spectacular device will force me into a bankruptcy. Well, friends, I’m here today to tell you, you can get a Lapworks Laptop Desk for as little $24.95! Can I get an a-men?!

Lapworks Laptop Desk [Company site]

EDIT: We realize this isn’t a new product, but you know, with all the laptop “heat issues,” we thought we’d refresh your memory.