The Waiting Guide: Camping Out For PS3 And Wii

November is on the horizon, and for gamers that should means one thing: Next gen gaming from Sony and Nintendo is nearly here. This year, it’s going to take a lot more than driving up to your favorite video game retailer early on the day to get either of these consoles. Unless you were lucky enough to get a preorder for either consoles, you’re going to have to join groups of hardcore gamers outside for the camp out.

This isn’t really a bad thing, the wait outside for your new console is actually a fun experience (Kind of like camping out for a “Star Wars” movie, oi. – Blake). You bring your DS or your PSP and play with others, talk gaming and really geek out without getting thrown into a trashcan. Although camping out is fun, it’s not easy, you’ve got a lot to work about—food, water, bathrooms, fights (nerd fight!), where to line up, when to get in line and much more. If this is the first time you’re camping out, Devron has written up a guide that tells you how the rules of how to wait outside for your console.

  • 1. Bring friends. (The more, the merrier).
  • You really don’t want to be there by yourself do you? If you do end up flying solo, check number 5.

  • 2. Get to know the store manager. Now.
  • Make sure the store you are going to is going to have the console!

  • 3. …talk to the store manager and let him/her know that you are standing in line!
  • If you are lucky enough to get to the store first, talk to the manager. Let him know you are here and find out where the line should start.

  • 4. The early bird gets the worm.
  • Get there early guys. Early morning on launch day is not going to cut it this time around.

  • 5. Be Social.
  • Make friends! Especially if you see someone else with Star Fox DS, get that DS wireless going! You’re also going to need to let someone know when you go to the bathroom, or to get food.

  • 6. When it comes to stores, discriminate.
  • You need to know which stores are actually going to be offering the consoles on launch day.

  • 7. Bring a survival kit. (And get comfortable — you’re going be here for awhile.)
  • Blankets, food, water, stuff for fun and basically anything that will help kill the time.

  • 8. Know the rules of the line.
  • You can only leave the line for a limited amount of time, and only for certain things. Food, water and bathroom breaks are fine. Let someone know where you’ll be going. Don’t say you’re going to move your car and go watch a movie and come back three hours later.

  • 9. Be alert!
  • I may have to wait at a Best Buy located in Oakland. This means be very careful before and after you’ve gotten the console. These things are an easy $2,000 for someone else.

  • 10. Bring a covering.
  • Nature gave us me glasses and asthma and made us me short, so don’t get caught unprepared when it rains on the one day we’re outside.

  • 11. If you sense danger, WAIT!
  • This is for after you’ve gotten a console. Don’t go outside if you think something suspicious is going on. (Yes, yes hide inside)

  • 12. If you wait in line a day or more in advance of launch, agree to sleep in shifts.
  • You’re going to need someone else for this, but you don’t want to magically wake up in the back of the line the next morning.

  • 13. Enjoy yourself!
  • When you’re out in a large group for a long period of time, it’s best to have some fun instead of hating every moment of waiting outside in the cold.

  • 14. Please, Please, Please — BE SAFE!!
  • People want these consoles. Bad. Parents want them, Ebayers want them and Gamers want them. These things are going to be some of the biggest things on someone’s’ Christmas list, and they are worth a lot of money.

    Now you’re ready to venture off into the wonderful world of camping out for a console. For the actual list, check out Devron’s site. He’s got a lot of good stuff on there.

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