Pando Moves Beyond Email File Sharing

New York based Pando has been breaking away from the P2P file sharing pack, which we reviewed in late August. They claim over 1.5 million downloads of their client software, and move up to 20 TB of data per day between users.

Pando is very easy to use. Once the PC or Mac software is installed, you simply drag a file or a folder (up to 1 GB) into the open window. Pando begins uploading that file to its servers immediately, and opens an email form. Simply type in the email address(es) that you would like to receive the file and hit send. When the recipient opens the email and clicks on the small .pando attachment, Pando begins delivering the file, using Bittorent, from the sender’s computer as well as Pando’s servers and any other people receiving the file. Transfer speeds are unreal – my testing shows minimum speeds of 500 kp/s and top speeds at double that. If the recipient has not installed Pando on their computer, they’ll be prompted to do so before the download begins.

Pando is completely free, and also has useful Outlook and Yahoo IM plugins

Today at 9 AM California time Pando is breaking out of the email paradigm and releasing a free new product that allows people to share files directly from a website. This can be done via an embed or link, and I’ve embedded a message from Pando CEO Robert Levitan below as an example. The same file can be accessed via a simple link as well.

Pando Package

For podcasters and videocasters who don’t have the bandwidth availability to serve files, this is going to be extremely useful. Publishers won’t even need to upload the file to their own server. They can simply drag the file into the Pando desktop software and get a link to add to a website. For others, simply adding a Pando link as an additional option to direct download will be attractive as well. We may add Pando links to our TalkCrunch podcasts as well as offering the file as an enclosure to the post. Listeners can simply choose which option they like, although if they choose Pando the download will be significantly faster and we won’t have to pay the bandwidth charges for their download.

Pando’s new product is so efficient that it will also invite abuse, particularly from users sharing copyrighted materials. Pando says it will passively monitor downloads and comply with any DMCA takedown notices they receive from rightsholders.

Pando has some existing competition in this space, notably silicon valley based RedSwoosh, which we wrote about in July. Both RedSwoosh and Pando have attractive offerings. Pando’s large installed base may give it an advantage in staking out its territory.

Pando has raised a total of $11 million over two rounds of financing. The most recent $7 million round was led by Intel Capital.