T-Mobile HotSpot @ Home Hands On

Just launched (only) in Seattle, T-Mobile HotSpot @ Home is a service that lets you switch your call from cellular to WiFi both seamlessly and invisibly. The service comes with a T-mobile Linksys Router and a Samsumg UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access) phone which allows you to use WiFi for calling when you’re at home.

The plan costs $19.99 a month on top of whatever you’re paying for your regular plan, so why is it worth your time? Because any call over WiFi will be free and excluded from your regular minutes. Also, if your cellular reception is poor at home, using WiFi would be a great step up from not calling at all. A third bonus is being able to make free calls at T-Mobile Hot Spots like Starbucks, Airports, and Fedex/Kinkos. We’re not sure whether you have to have already signed up for T-Mobile Hot Spot access or whether that’s included in the $19.99 a month plan. You’ll also have to pay $49.99 for the dual-band phone.

Stay tuned for more news as the service rolls out nation-wide.

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