GotVoice Takes $3M in Series A Funding

Web based voice mail management system GotVoice announced today morning that it closed a first round of funding with $3 million from Ignition Partners, Second Avenue Partners and Cedar Grove Investments. One representative from each fund will join the GotVoice board.

GotVoice converts your voice mail to MP3 format and sends it to you via email. The company is working on a beta feature that will alow users to compose voice mail messages through the browser and deliver them to a list of recipients simultaneously. Michael Arrington reviewed GotVoice in June. He gave it a generally mixed review but said that he really liked the conversion to MP3 format. I’ve tried the service myself and had the dreadful misfortune of owning one of very few phones the company says do not work well with the system. I don’t feel a strong need for this function in the first place. Chris Pirillo loves GotVoice and interviewed the company’s CEO in January.

We wrote about another web management tool for telephony called GrandCentral in our coverage of DEMO. That service offers far more functionality in a complex leverage of VOIP, but if simplicity is what you seek then GotVoice might work well for you.

Other companies funded by Ignition Partners include Jobster, Judy’s Book and Melodio. Second Avenue Partners has invested in NewsVine, among other companies.