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Facebook users with accounts from Berkeley and Stanford were given access to a new beta social bookmarking feature today that could roll out soon to all Facebook users. The site began offering a blog-like notes feature in August and implemented a controversial news feed feature last month. The new social bookmarking service is less likely to generate controversy.

Users can submit items to share with others through their Facebook pages or with a browser bookmarklet. URLs from off site and pictures, notes or user profiles from inside Facebook can be tagged. Tagged items include the URL, a text excerpt and any notes a user cares to add. They can be either sent to your public profile or sent privately to particular friends. Users with access to the feature right now do not appear able to send items out to non beta users with the bookmarklet.

It may be unnecessarily cautious to beta test this among limited users, but given past controversy you can hardly blame the company. The most interesting part of this to me? Imagine MySpace providing a way for users to share links to off site pages of interest. Not very likely.

Just like the company’s limited API release in August, this is another good faith move in the direction of openness and usability.

  • http://blog.stealthmode.com francine hardaway

    I am pretty sure Obama wasn’t invited to the burial or he would have been there.

    But I digress. I am as sad as you are. And interestingly, in the past few days I have not been able to face real time because of the disgusting things said about Kennedy by people who don’t have good enough education to make a real evaluation. Who needs real time idiots?

  • http://newgadgets.dailytidbit.com/new-gadgets/teddys-smile/ New Gadgets | Teddy’s smile

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  • rockyc

    Great piece. It was amazing to watch the progression of “public opinion” about Teddy’s death. At first, all concerned tried to treat it like “just another story.” And then when they realized that there was a vast and emotional “public” mourning, the press jumped to attention.

    And Biden, as a personal friend, was at home at the funeral. Otherwise, it was a private affair. I was sooo pleased that the pool feed had not prepared for darkness. It allowed the family to have what they needed: a private affair.

  • http://www.tomdegan.blogspot.com Tom Degan

    Watching George W. Bush at the funeral of Teddy Kennedy on Saturday was, to say the very least, amusing. It’s always great fun to witness the members of the vast right wing conspiracy confronted head-on with the theological flaws that are inherent in their philosophy. Watching that event with my pal, Kevin Swanwick, we both were mesmerized and just slightly overjoyed to be reminded yet again that the basic tenets of Liberalism are in perfect harmony with our Christianity – our Catholicism: feed the hungry, shelter the poor and clothe the naked. Oh, how I wish the camera would have cut to Bush’s face the moment he was confronted with the most famous line (and justly so) from the Gospel according to Matthew:

    “I tell you this: whatever you did to the least of these brothers of mine, you did to me.”

    Jesus of Nazareth

    One can only imagine how uncomfortable that passage from the scriptures must have made him feel. Or how about the Sermon on the Mount?

    “Blessed are the peace makers
    For they shall be called Sons of God.”

    I imagine being confronted with the words of Jesus Christ might make old George just a tad uneasy. The prayers that were offered up by the youngest members of the Kennedy clan, in Teddy’s own words, were the most touching part of the entire day:

    “That human beings be measured not by what they cannot do. That quality health care becomes a fundamental right and not a privilege. That old policies of race and gender die away. That newcomers be accepted, no matter their color or place of birth. That the nation stand united against violence, hate and war. That the work begins anew, and the dream lives on. We pray to the Lord.”

    Lord hear our prayer.

    After the mass had ended, and Kevin and I headed into town to get a cup of coffee, I was almost stunned by the good cheer I felt. Ted Kennedy’s funeral was truly a joyous event. Truth be told, it was damned-near therapeutic! The politics of joy as opposed to the politics of fear. There ain’t nothin’ like it in the world, Baby!

    The stark contrasts between the ideals of the Progressive movement and the right wing’s backwards and greedy ideology were out in public Saturday for all to compare and contrast at Our Lady of Perpetual Comfort Church in Boston. The differences were so obvious, you could not have missed them had you tried.


    Tom Degan
    Goshen, NY

    • K.E.

      It must be the pure definition of awesome to be so right.

      And Bush’s dui didn’t kill anyone. A dui I believe Bush actually apologized for. More than I can say for poor Mary Jo.

  • dreamneverdies

    Great post, Steve. I, too, spent much of the weekend transfixed by what was occurring. The emotional outpouring, from the privileged and those not-so-much, spoke volumes about Teddy’s impact. With each smile, the cause endures and the dream never dies.

    • http://amyloo.com Amyloo

      Dreamnev, I didn’t think of it until you and Steve mentioned spending a lot of time in front of the TV this weekend, but now that I do, it felt a little like that TV vigil for Jack. Or maybe it was the same vigil with a 46-year break — the long break itself occasionally broken off fixate on coverage of Martin, Bobby and Iraq I, and 9/11 and the 2008 election). Now what?

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