Edgeio Closes $5 Million Series A Financing

Edgeio, a classifieds listing company that I co-founded last year with Keith Teare, announced a $5 million Series A financing today. The round was led by Intel Capital and also included an investment from Transcosmos. Previous angel round investors (Ron Conway, Jeff Clavier, Claudio Chiuchiarelli, Frank Caufield Jr., RSS Investors, Millenium Technology Ventures, Michael Tanne, Auren Hoffman, Sam Perry, Bill McCabe and Louis Monier) also converted from debt to equity in this round.

I won’t say much more here due to the conflict of interest (I remain on the board of directors of edgeio and am a stockholder). For other coverage, see BusinessWeek, VentureBeat, and Greg Sterling. I’ll add more links here as additional coverage comes in.

Our coverage of the edgeio launch in February is here.

Additional Coverage:
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