Stratellite Completes First Flight Test

A subsidiary of GlobalTel Communications Corp has confirmed that it has successfully flown a blimp that they hope will one day be able to beam broadband internet to the cities below. This idea has been tossed around as a new solution to bringing broadband to the masses for a while now, but it appears that the idea has finally taken off (pun intended).

The flight wasn’t much more than a simple flight test to make sure it could actually get off the ground, but over the next 90 days, GlobalTel plans to add different systems and functions to the blimp. After each addition, the engineers will make sure that it’s still working properly and in the end, we should have a blimp floating 12-13 miles above major cities in the near future.

Sanswire 2A Technology Demonstrator Testing Moves Outside [Yahoo! via Broadband Reports]