Kanguru 32GB Flash Drive is the Worst Ever

It’s true that this Kanguru thumb drive holds 32GB, which is enough to take your entire operating system with you as you travel – sticking it into various local internet cafe computers like the naughty drive it is. The massive storage would be enough except for two things.

The first? The $1,499 price tag. Unless you really need something the size of your thumb – perhaps you’re a corporate saboteur – there’s no reason why you can’t get a hard drive-based external storage and save boatloads of money while at the same time getting more storage.

UPDATE – It’s actually 15MB/s. Maybe that’s passable?
The second? Its 15MB/s write speed. Seriously? At 15MB/s, to copy 32GB of data would take you almost nine hours. Yeah, we’ll probably pass on this one.

Product Page [Tiger Direct via The Raw Feed]