Scrybe Could Set a New Standard In Office Apps

Jason Clarke found a great new startup today called Scrybe. It hasn’t launched yet, but they’re using YouTube to showcase the product (see video below). More companies should do this – it gives the company a way to show everyone exactly what their product is all about and control the messaging during the crucial pre-launch stage.

Scrybe looks to be a unique online calendar application that works just fine when you’re offline, too. Just open the site in the browser as if you were online – the app will sync the next time you are online. The calendar view auto-expands and minimizes depending on what you are looking at. It also allows seemless cut and paste and integration with Office documents, as well as a way to bookmark and grab content from websites. They’ve even thought through proper printing of calendars, to-do lists and other content (this feature reminds me of possibly the least technically advanced startup we’ve covered).

The online/offline functionality is what I like best about this product. This is something we discussed around email applications a few weeks ago, and is part of the promise of Adobe’s upcoming Apollo platform.

This is definitely a startup to watch. Look for a launch this month.