Panasonic Drops Two Toughbooks with Core Duo

Panasonic’s Achilles-like (indestructible unless you hit it at the right place) line of notebooks just got a refresh with two models, the CF-30 and the CF-19. These two notebooks passed such tests as 26 drops from 36 inches, vibration in ground vehicles, water spillage on the keyboards, extreme temperature, dust and altitude resistance. Also known as the “infant” series of tests.

The CF-19 is the tablet-like notebook on the left, and the CF-30 is the standard notebook ont he right. Both have Intel Core Duo and an 80GB hard drive, plus up to 4GB of RAM, GPS, Bluetooth, WLAN, and some 3G capabilities as we saw here. The 3G is both EV-DO and HSDPA, meaning you’re good to go on Sprint, Cingular and Verizon.

Panasonic ToughBook CF-30 and CF-19 Announced — Brightest Notebook Screens Ever [NotebookReview via Coolest Gadgets]