In2Games Fusion Controller

Following the example set by Nintendo’s Wiimote and Sony’s SIXAXIS, In2Games “Fusion” motion-sensing controllers are joining the battle of next gen controllers. Unlike the Wiimote and SIXAXIS, Fusion does not approximate motion. Fusion actually uses “sound waves and other technical wizardry” to provide accurate on-screen depictions of your motions. To swing a bat, you’re going to have to clean up your living room a little bit and make room for the full motion of swinging the bat. Say hello to crazy (and possibly dangerous, in a funny way) console multiplayer.

Since Fusion tracks all of your movements, you won’t have to aim it at any kind of sensor. In2Games has not yet announced any games that will be compatible with the Fusion, but since the sensor connects via USB, you should be able to plug it into any of your next gen consoles. I personally like the light saber, even though it looks like I can break the damn thing (and I’m an emo girl).

There’s also a standard next gen Fusion controller (not pictured above) that you can check out via the link. Fusion controllers have a release date of Q3 2007 for $56. Let’s hope In2Games picks up a couple developers so we can actually find use for its controllers.

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