BlinkIt: The iPod Flashlight that Glows

If you’ve been aching to find just the right device to occupy the dock connector on your iPod when it’s, you know, not docked, this looks like a decent one to keep handy. Yes, it’s a flashlight, and while I’m pretty sure there are other flashlight-type accessories this one is better ’cause it blinks. BlinkIt ($30) is like your own personal homing beacon. It has six flashing modes or provides a steady beam or can flash to the beat of the music playing. A little sliding lever will also redirect the two LED beams from the front to the sides. And if white light’s not your thing, interchangeable tinted lens caps in red, green, blue and yellow can be popped on.

Really, the only reason I’m posting this is because Blake likes to see pictures of women on the site and, at this point, I’m just glad it isn’t called the iBlink. However, if you’re an active-type human or like to see the person who’s about to mug you for your iPod so they can be identified later in a lineup, this should be pretty sweet.

BlinkIt [Product page]